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Discount Reiki Tables

Welcome to, where we are all Reiki Practitioners in addition to Massage Therapists. Reiki-family owned and operated since 2002, our goal is to help our fellow Reiki Practitioners to find the perfect table for their needs at the best price possible so that everyone wins! All of our Reiki Tables are at the lowest prices at which the manufacturers will let us sell them, and every table is backed by a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime manufacturer's warranty! Ordering through our website is secure and fast, and we do not sell or share your information with anyone.

We have worked with every table that we sell, and we highly recommend each table that we have listed below for Reiki work.  Each one of these tables is available with "Reiki end plates" and are ideal for energy work. Reiki end plates allow you to sit at the table as if it were a desk, with your lower legs underneath.  Many companies will try to sell you a regular massage table saying that it is fine for Reiki, but without the Reiki end plates you may find that the massage table is uncomfortable to work with.  If you don't mind being unable to sit at the head or foot of the table without your knees and lower legs beneath the table then a regular (and sometimes less expensive) massage table will be fine. Please see our exciting selection of massage tables.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us. We are happy to help you in any way that we can! We know that purchasing a Reiki table for your practice is a major investment, and we want to help you to make the right choice the first time!  To learn more about us and our mission, please visit our home page and our about us page.  Thanks for visiting!

Classic Deluxe Table Package by Stronglite

Classic Deluxe Reiki Table Package by Stronglite
The Classic Deluxe offers solid construction, innovative features and a great package price. With this package, you'll receive extras you'd normally expect only on higher-priced tables, like included Reiki end plates and Shiatsu release.

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EarthGear Pinnacle Table Package

EarthGear Pinnacle Reiki Table Package
With its uncompromised quality and impressive list of features the Pinnacle treatment table from EarthGear exemplifies unsurpassed quality and value. Comes with free Reiki end plates and Thai / Shiatsu release.

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Earthlite Infinity Portable Table

Earthlite Infinity Portable Ergonomic Reiki Table
The infinity has a completely unique design: it is wider at the head and foot of the table and narrower at the middle. This excellent feature allows you to get closer to your client and reduces strain on your body! Save $30!

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Discount $429.00

Earthlite Luna Aluminum Frame Portable Table

Earthlite Luna Aluminum Frame Portable Reiki Table
The successor to the renowned Pegasus table, the Luna is lighter, stronger, and comes with more standard features and the same legendary Earthlite warranty. Save $10!

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Discount $429.00

Earthlite Spirit LT & LTX Portable Tables

Earthlite Spirit LT & LTX Super Lightweight Portable Reiki Tables
Extremely lightweight wood tables: revolutionary technology eliminates 35% of the platform weight while maintaining all of the strength! Available with Reiki end plates. Comes standard with Shiatsu release. Save $20!

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Discount $429.00

Earthlite Spirit Portable Table

Earthlite Spirit Portable Reiki Table

Spirit - The World's Favorite Massage Table (shown with optional facerest). Known worldwide as a benchmark in the massage table industry, the Spirit is backed by a lifetime warranty and is an absolute joy to own and use. Save $30!

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Discount $399.00

Massage Empire Table Buyer's Guide

In this year's Massage Empire Table Buyer's Guide, we reveal all the secret details that make treatment tables different. No longer do you have to guess if a table will exactly fit your unique needs as a practitioner, as we have put hours into documenting and clarifying the numerous qualities and features that set a table apart from the rest. A must for anyone trying to decide on which table is right for them, the 2006 Buyer’s Guide covers:
  • The single most important element in choosing a table
  • The two biggest mistakes people make when buying a table
  • How to find the most valuable table for your needs
  • The most important accessory you will buy
  • The options you need and don't need
  • What you need to know about table strength
  • How to choose the right table height, width and length
  • A comparison of all the tables in an easy to read, handy chart

To receive your free copy of the Massage Empire 2006 Massage Table Buyer's Guide, simply fill in your name and email adress and click the button below. We will email the Buyer's Guide to you instantly. The guide is so informative that we have divided it into 7 sections. You will receive 1 section by email each day for 1 week.

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