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 Earthlite Spirit Portable Table
  Earthlite Spirit Portable Table

About the Product

Spirit - The World's Favorite Massage Table™ (shown with optional facerest). Known worldwide as a benchmark in the massage table industry, the Spirit is backed by a lifetime warranty and is an absolute joy to own and use.  Save $30!

Other Notes:
Comes with a luxurious 3-inch, 3-layer deluxe foam system, cradle-lock cable system, and soft-touch sure grip knobs.  The frame has a full-length hinge and is reinforces with hardwood ribs for strength and to minimize the flexing of the tabletop.  The Earthlite Spirit is an excellent choice for a budget-conscious therapist who wants a table that will last for the life of his or her practice.

Specifications and Features
  • Handcrafted, hardwood maple frame with rounded corners
  • Luxurious Natursoft™ vinyl
  • Three layer, Three inch Pro-Plush™ Cushioning System
  • Stitched-fit™ upholstering for a flatter massage surface
  • Super-strong, patent pending 10 layer laminate frame design
  • Hardwood ribs & full length hinge for added strength
  • Stylish endplates and outlet covers
  • No charge Reiki endplate option
  • Shiatsu Release Cables
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Weight: 32-36 lbs.(depending on width)
  • Available in 28, 30 and 32-inch widths
  • Adjustable height range of 23 to 33 inches
  • Cradle Lock Cable System (Patent No. 5009170)
  • Squeak-proof
  • Headrest outlets on both ends
  • Designed for easy set-up
  • 525 pound working weight for strength, stability and safety

To see the face rests available to use with this table, click here (this will open a new browser window).

Free Reiki end plates

Full length hinge
Strong finger jointing
2-knob legs
3-layer foam system

This table is also available as a package (table, carry case, bolster, face rest, and sheet set) here.

This versatile table can lay flat on the floor to become a Shiatsu massage or Thai & Yoga massage mat!

Beautiful Rounded Corner Frame Design – Smooth, beautiful curves. No more sharp corners. The new Spirit incorporates our proprietary 10 layer laminate hoop design, which eliminates weak joints and sharp corners.

New Pro-Plush? Cushioning Systems – Most Comfortable Ever – The feel of our 3 layer Pro-Plush® and Pro-Plush® Deluxe cushioning system takes comfort to a new level. And, without adding significant weight to the table. Our three layer system adds a firm base level to prevent “bottoming out,” and two top layers, which combine to provide exceptional comfort and luxurious feel.

New Luxurious Natursoft® Vinyl – 100% environmentally friendly PU vinyl that is so soft that it has to be felt to be believed. It’s now standard on our Spirit table line using our Stitched-Fit™ upholstery method for a flatter massage surface.

New Super-strong Spirit Endplate – Thicker and stronger than the previous industry standard, our new Spirit endplate brings greater stability and style without adding weight. Also available with Reiki endplates.

All the Bells and Whistles – High quality maple hardwood, wooden outlets, shiatsu release cables, reinforcing ribs, reiki endplate option. They’re all included—at no additional cost.

Highest Quality – Constructed by Earthlite’s master craftsmen in Vista, CA.

This table is typically kept in stock with standard end plates in all widths in these colors: Amethyst, Teal, Mystic Blue, and Black. Spirit tables with Reiki end plates are kept in stock with the 4 colors just mentioned in the 30 and 32-inch widths only. All other colors and configurations take longer to ship out. See our About Us page for current shipping and handling timeframes, item availability, and other details.

Remember, at Massage Empire all orders are backed by our 30-day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee, we never sell or share your personal information, and our online ordering system is 128-bit SSL secure! See our About Us page for details.

Prices By Amount Ordered:
Min Qty 1
Price Ea. $429.00

Discount Price: $399.00

End plates 
Height Range 
Natursoft Vinyl Color