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 Professional Cupping Set
Professional Cupping Set
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SKU: cuppingset

About the Product
Deluxe set of 17 suction cups for use treating back muscle tightness, knots, and pain.

This item is in stock and ready to ship.

Other Notes:
Suction cupping sets provide penetrating suction to restore healthy blood flow to muscle tissue. Many clients comment that knot pain subsides immediately after use! The powerful effects are felt almost instantaneously.

Used for thousands of years within the accupuncture community in Asia and hundreds of years in the European Medical community, these amazing tools are now making their way into the massage therapy profession in the United States.

Traditionally suction cups were glass jars placed over a buring flame on top of the skin. The heat from the flame inside the jar would create the suction. Today we have wonderfully advanced cups that do not need fire to create the suction.

Known as a safe, infallible and effective method of treatimg most conditions that benefit from increased blood supply and energy flow. Simple and easy to use, just place a suction cup on bare skin over the tight or painful area and then use the enclosed hand pump to apply the desired amount of suction. When finished, simply pull the release vale and the cup pops off, without any discomfort. Most effective on accupressure points and meridians and over knots and hypertonicities.

Suction can penetrate up to 3 inches deep into the body's tissues.

Note: Be careful not to apply too much suction, as blood capillaries can break, leaving a "hickey" like mark on the skin.

This economical, lightweight, suction cupping set is made of easy to clean, break resistant plastic. Each cup uses smooth release air-locking valves. The set includes pistol grip hand pump, 17 cups of various sizes, a 26" extension tube, and carrying case. While supplies last.

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